About Us

Food Tech Corporation is a house of technocrats specialized in marketing and business development to the process industries in Bangladesh. We have a Sales Team of well-qualified technical personnel to cover the various market segments in entire Bangladesh market as well overseas market.

An effective After Sales Service Division with backup of our associates is another asset with which we provide an array of after sales services to our clients including after sales service, maintenance & repair services.

Our Team

Food Tech is a ‘Team’ of professionals engaged in addressing the Local and abroad process Industries needs by offering solutions with appropriate products and services. We hope, as you browse through, you would come to appreciate the vast cross section of product lines we carry and our commitment to support what we sell. 

Our staff is our biggest Asset for us. We have today an experienced team of our Engineers who are dedicated to serve the industry with their experience, enthusiasm and efficiency. 

An effective After Sales Service Division is another asset with which we extend prompt and satisfactory after sales service as well as maintenance and repair services to our clients. This department is manned by personnel trained at our associates’ works which is directly controlled by our CEO.


In pursuit of excellence, we are committed to strive relentlessly, to constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products so as to become the best.

About the company

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