Noodles Production Machine

January 12, 2021

Noodles Production Machine

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Product Information:

Brief Introduction

Different types of multi-functional biscuit production line is developed on our many years’ manufacturing experience. This line is featured by new design, compact structure,high automation. From dough feeding to pressing, forming, recycling,baking, oil spraying, cooling, packing and so on the whole line could achieve continuously. We provide hundreds of biscuit molds and various biscuit crafts. By changing different shapes of molds or biscuit recipes could produce popular biscuits sold in the markets, such as cream biscuit, sandwich biscuit,ultra-thin biscuit, soda biscuit, animal shape biscuit, vegetable biscuit and so on.

Our biscuit production line has many models, include 2800 type,1000 type, 1200 type. 1500 type Biscuit output is from 500KG/H to 2000KG/H . We also could customize for clients according to their request.

Besides, according to the real situation, we could add turning machine (180 turning machine or 90 turning machine) to make full use of the factory space and short the whole line length.

The Whole Line Mainly Includes

Four Mixer →Biscuit Forming Machine (Soft Biscuit Forming Machine, Hard Biscuit Forming Machine)→Tunnel Oven(Electric Heating type or Gas Heating Type)→Oil Sprayer→Turning Machine (Depends on Factory Size)→Cooling and Conveying →Biscuit Stacking Machine→Biscuit Sandwich Machine →Packing.

Product Description:

Relative Machines Function

1. Mixer: Stirring flour, water and other materials together. ” Z” blade — hard biscuit dough, “S” blade–soft biscuit dough.

2. Hard/Soft biscuit forming machine: different shapes hard/soft biscuit produced by various molds. 3/4 rollers and extra dough recycle equipped for the hard/crispy biscuit, soft biscuit forming once.

3. Oil/sugar/salt spray machine: spray them on biscuit surface for better taste.

4.Tunnel baking oven: gas/electric oven, baking soft/hard biscuit, cookies, cake,bread and so on.

5. Cooling line: natural cooling.

6. Stacking biscuit: make the cooled biscuit stack in a row and easy for putting them into the packing hopper.

7. Packing machine: various packing type available.