Potato Chips and Sticks Frying Machine

January 12, 2021

Potato Chips and Sticks Frying Machine

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Product Information:

Complex potato chips machine

Raw Materials: potato powder.

Final Products: fragrant, crisp and tasted compound potato chips, crisp chips with unique shapes(Pringles), complex potato chips, popular reception chips.

Capacity: 250kg/h, 500kg/h.

Product Description:

The complex potato chips machine uses potato powder raw material, through mixing, pressing, forming, frying and flavoring and finally you can produce high-grade delicious compound potato chips.

With a returning system to recycle the leftover material, the raw material use efficiency is very high. The complex potato chips are with consistent shapes, so it can be packed by using paper-column and pouch. The complex chips are with dense fragrance and elegant shapes. This production line combines foreign and domestic advanced techniques,with high automation and convenient operation.

This complex potato chips machine is suitable for slicing and slicing potato hard vegetables. It is an ideal processing equipment for making fresh-keeping vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in vegetable processing industry. It is also an ideal machine for processing chips in fast food industry.


  • Our complex potato chips machine not only retains the original nutrients of potatoes, but also is rich in vegetable and fruit fiber, effectively adding nutrients and trace elements not found in raw materials.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, external water lubrication, no wear parts, centrifugal working principle, equipment vibration.
  • Suitable for all age groups of nutritional needs.
  • The cutting surface is smooth without scratches.
  • Thickness and thickness are freely adjustable.

Technical Parameter:

Machine Model

Capacity: (kg/h)

Power: (kW)

Fuel Consumption:

250 compound potato

chips production line




500 compound potato

chips production line




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