Snacks Extrusion Machine

January 12, 2021

Snacks Extrusion Machine

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Product Information:

Extrusion Systems of Snack Pellets are used a wide range of raw materials, such as potato starch, potato powder, tapioca, wheat flour, etc. Through the pellet extruder can get many beautiful snack pellets shape, such as puffed food, including rice filling, donuts, crispy corners, non-fried puffed food, fried noodles and so on.

The Extrusion Systems of Snack Pellets can produce all kinds of from ingredients, extrusion, molding, baking (frying), seasoning to finished products at one time. Extrusion molding products can be fried directly, without drying, simple production process, small equipment investment, which is the ideal choice of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Product Description:


1. The Extrusion Systems of Snack Pellets adopt advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology to make the equipment more powerful, smooth and power-saving.

2. The screw with alloy steel nitriding treatment, screw life longer, individual equipment with block combination structure, can be combined according to different needs.

3. Forced lubrication system, to ensure that the transmission part of the equipment has a longer life.

4. Visual automatic temperature control system, to make the temperature control more intuitive, parameters more clear.