Vacuum Packing Machine

January 12, 2021

Vacuum Packing Machine

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Product Information:

Full automatic continuous vacuum package machine DRZ-420 is the pioneer products developed by our company, which has various functions such as plastic film hot briquetting,vacuum hot package, hot stamping, single packing etc.

PLC Operation System

Adopt world-famous brand Japanese“OMRON” spare parts, touch scree, Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) and stepping system., the system has high stepping precision, coordinated movement,and full automatic system.. it is very convinient to use the complete machine. In addition, it is equiped with safty guard function, users can change different package through changing program. Temprature, and time of each control system can be showed and adjusted on the interface

Product Description:

(1) Fitted with Germany original “Elmo-Rietschle” and “BUSCH” pump, the world famous brands, ensuring its high vacuum, stable quality and durability.

(2) Fitted with photoelectric tracker, both of plain and color film can be used to pack., in this way reduce cost for users and meanwhile improve our product level.

(3) This machine can be fitted with automatic marking system as customer’s request, packing date and other relevant parameters can be marked at a time, do not need human marking, working efficiency is raised.

(4) This machine is widely used, and can be applied to vacuum, and skin packaging for different products, foods, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetable, pickles, cooled meats, medical products, hardware elements, medical apparatus and instrument, and etc.

(5) Fitted with leftover material recovery system, ensuring hygiene requirements of the production environment for users.

(6) Adopt advanced transverse and slitting systems, intelligent adjustment can be finished on tuch screen, do not need exchange, easily handle.